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Island Kink

Recent Entries

11/20/06 01:26 am - dungeon_josh

What: How Billy and Josh met.
When: Early 2004.
Rating: NC-17 for bondage, canes, nipple clamps and paddles oh my.

When he feels someone staring at him he turns to find the guy who plays Sawyer obviously checking out his ass and god knows what.Collapse )

10/19/06 12:40 pm - _tied_up - Josh/Billy

What: Talk and raw, animalistic sex :)
When: 13/10/06
Rating: NC-17 for sex and the mention of old ladies while having sex

Scotland is an awfully long way away babyCollapse )

10/17/06 08:05 am - _tied_up - Blackmailing

Who: Billy/Josh
When: Today
Rating: PG or so, just talking about evol stuff
Where: Their home on Oahu
Notes: This referrs to Billy's and Josh's background story. If anyone is interested you can read about it here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The short version is that Billy scened with a new dom whom he didn't know and got hurt badly.

Are we sure he as pictures?Collapse )

10/4/06 09:39 pm - dungeon_josh

Who: Billy and Josh
What: Billy's Birthday including gifts and a stonking big butt plug
When: Backed dated like woe to 28 August
Where: Josh and Billy's place
Rating: R

Josh is awake at the crack of dawn and decides to go for a run before it gets too disgustingly hot. He figures that he'll be able to run and get back before Billy wakes up. "You go keep him company until I get back," Josh mutters to Sam. "Go give him a birthday lick."

Josh doesn't make it in time and Billy wakes up to find Josh's spot occupied by Sam. He laughs as Sam tries to lick him but manages to escape. Getting up quietly he looks around the house and when he finds it empty he goes back to bed and cuddles up with Sam, pouting a little that Josh is not home on his birthday.Collapse )

9/25/06 11:22 pm - dave_in_leather

Who: Craig and David
When: Current
What: Craig and David both have questions.
Warnings: None, this is a sweet and fluffy chapter.

Lighting the last candle, Craig looked around the room one final time and took a deep breath.

9/23/06 09:30 pm - urban_undone - Ahhha got another pup! :D

Pup: Take a look at every where and guess who I am.
E-mail: kindofbluespazz@hotmail.com (yep! That's me!)
AIM: undying urban
Pup info:
-Bisexual dom, will sub occationally
-Likes: Biting, bondage/restraints, teasing, beating (whipping/spanking), marks.
-Dislikes: Plugs, scat/showers of any.
Safe word: Caesar

*Likes and dislikes may be added durin the game. I've, honestly, never really played a dom so I may add things I enjoy doing. *g**

9/22/06 05:48 pm - _tied_up - Important!

I updated the community info with the information for Marton and it seems we have a new David Wenham mun *scratches head* I don't have any contact info though and need some to complete the chart. Can you please send me your mail and AIM?

Also, is Sean Bean still in the game? I know a lot of you muns have been moving this month but seriously, moving does not take a whole month so I am not sure why I haven't heard of some players in ages and why everyone cept for Elijahmun is ignoring the rules. I would really love you to enlighten me on that. Thanks in advance.

Speaking of Elijahmun, as soon as I go back home she will get a gold star behind her name for a)being the only player to follow any rules and posting regularly in her characters journal and b)for recruiting new players :D Big hugs to her!

9/19/06 11:08 pm - island_marton - New Member Profile

Name: Marton Csokas
Journal: island_marton
AIM: islandmarton
Available: Email or AIM, no preference

Read more about MartonCollapse )

9/16/06 04:22 pm - bottom_hobbit

Who: Evangeline Lilly and Elijah Wood
What: Het (dundundun), bondage, whipping, non-con
When: September 16
Where: Evi’s house
Rating: R

You know who else is really good at keeping secrets?Collapse )

9/16/06 04:16 pm - bottom_hobbit

Who: Evangeline Lilly and Elijah Wood
What: Eh.. just a talk and a small, tiny-tiny bit of non-con
When: September 15
Where: Dom’s flat
Rating: PG

You know you like this, Elijah. There's no denying it.Collapse )
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